Historical Image Bank Eindhoven University of Technology

Our recent selections

Series of photographs are selected from TU/e in the Picture regularly for various purposes. Like publications, exhibitions or for use for a work of art. Under Recent Selections you find selections that were made during the past months or years for objectives like these.

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On the threshold of the 21st Century; photography by Bram Saeys
During the nineteen nineties and around the turn of the century photographer Bram Saeys fulfilled many assignments from Cursor, the TU/e university news journal. In early 2021 he transferred the extensive image archive that resulted from this work to TU/e Data Management and Library. Digitized files from this largely still analog record will in time be added to TU/e in the Picture. Presented in this special is a first selection.
New Films in TU/e in the Picture
Some interesting film material can now be seen in TU/e in the Picture about life and work of the makers of some top items in the TU/e art collection. These artists are Gerrit van Bakel, Panamarenko and Shinkichi Tajiri. Van Bakel and Panamarenko are respectively the creators of the Tarim Machine and the Umbilly I 'aeroplane'. Seed No.4, a sculpture located between buildings Vertigo and the 'Zwarte Doos', is a work by Tajiri.
Pythia: images light and art in the new Atlas building
In the new Atlas building space was made near the entrance at the northern side for the Pythia object of image and light. It is a medium through which TUE can communicate with the university community and visitors to Atlas in an innovative and also expressive way. Pythia is a design by Studio Philip Ross in collaboration with TeamV. Like the name Atlas, the name Pythia is derived from Greek mythology. Pythia is the priestess who conveys the wisdom of Apollo, god of light, to humanity. Likewise, the Pythia object will convey the story of TU/e on residents and visitors of the TU/e campus in a visual way. Pythia will for a part also display images of campus life in past and present. For this a series of photographs was selected from 'TU/e in the Picture', the historical imagebank offered to the TU/e community by the IEC. These photographs can be viewed too in this special.

Our historical selection

Among these selections you find series of photographs and also films that deal with the heritage of a department or supporting service of the university, or with a special phase or event in the earlier history of the university.

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The Eindhoven Bidbook for the second Dutch university of technology
In the years following World War 2 the Dutch government decided to establish a second university of technology in the country. Eindhoven, with its highly developed electronic and automotive industries, was a main contender to become the location for the new institution from the outset. Nevertheless, the city made every effort it could to put forward its case. These efforts also resulted in the bidbook, a package of documents, maps and images providing a wealth of information on the city and its prospects for the future. This special contains selected maps from the bidbook. The original bidbook has meanwhile been transferred to the Brabant Historic Information Center at Den Bosch.
Images of early TU/e student life
Mr J. Bremer, TH Eindhoven graduate and former member of the Eindhoven Student Corps, kindly offered a series of student life images dating from shortly after the university's foundation. The series also includes some Eindhoven street views around 1960.
The Pavilion: genesis of a new campus
The Pavilion was the first building to be inaugurated on the present-day TU/e campus and the building where the first classes at the new university were given at the start of the 1957-1958 academic year. This special comprises images from the early years of the Pavilion and of TU/e. What did classrooms, laboratories and offices in the new Pavilion, built within a very short time in 1957, look like? What did first generation students and teachers look like? These photographs evoke the atmosphere of the years of post-WW2 reconstruction. A time in which people in the Netherlands were hard at work building the modern welfare state and reinventing their country after World War 2 and the independence of former overseas colonies.

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