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Among these selections you find series of photographs and also films that deal with the heritage of a department or supporting service of the university, or with a special phase or event in the earlier history of the university.

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The Eindhoven Bidbook for the second Dutch university of technology
In the years following World War 2 the Dutch government decided to establish a second university of technology in the country. Eindhoven, with its highly developed electronic and automotive industries, was a main contender to become the location for the new institution from the outset. Nevertheless, the city made every effort it could to put forward its case. These efforts also resulted in the bidbook, a package of documents, maps and images providing a wealth of information on the city and its prospects for the future. This special contains selected maps from the bidbook. The original bidbook has meanwhile been transferred to the Brabant Historic Information Center at Den Bosch.
Heritage of the Department of the Built Environment
During 2014-2015 staff members of the Department of the Built Environment, including ir. R.A. Rutgers, made a survey of materials considered worthwhile to preserve as academic heritage within the various sections of the department. This special includes images from the survey with short descriptions of the objects
Heritage of the Department of Applied Physics
From its establishment onwards, staff member of the Department of Applied Physics used a wide variety of tools and installations for their teaching and research. In 2012, shortly before the department left the N-laag building to remove to the new Flux building, Johan Meulensteen, head of materials management at the department, and Erik Geelen, academic heritage specialist at the IEC, made a survey of older items that were still being kept. This special contains images of a selection of the items that were documented during this survey.

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