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About TU/e in the Picture

‘TU/e in the Picture’, the historical image bank of Eindhoven University of Technology, is being developed into an important piece of ‘memory’ of our institution. Ever since TU/e was founded in 1956, images of the development and growth of the university were made by the university photographic service and by private photographers. The image bank continues to be expanded with present-day material, and an ever-expanding selection of older images is being added (both still and moving). Main subjects are the construction and development of the campus, scientists and students through the decades, student life, sports, education and research.


Additional material that may be of historic value to TU/e may come from many sources. If you have images in your possession which you believe are important for TU/e, we would very much appreciate if you would be willing to share them with the university community. You may therefore always offer images, including any information you have about them, to TU/e Library and Information Services (LIS). We will then try to assess their importance, and depending on relevance and quality add them to the image bank. Please contact either the Library helpdesk or Erik Geelen, academic heritage specialist at LIS.


We also appreciate any complementary information on photographic materials which you can give us. Our image archive is large and varied, and much information on subjects, events and persons has been lost in the course of time, or mistaken assumptions were made. It would therefore be quite helpful if you could extend and/or correct data about images in ‘TU/e in the Picture’. You may do this directly within the image bank via the ‘Respond to this image’ option and the bottom of the screen in each full image presentation. Or you can pass on your comment via the Library helpdesk or to Erik Geelen, academic heritage specialist at DML.


What does ‘TU/e in the Picture’ tell you about the images?


Images in ‘TU/e in the Picture’ usually include the following data:


  • A short description of their contents. What event, which person(s), what building etc. A description may apply to one single image, or to several (a series).


  • Name of photographer or name of source


  • Location


  • Date (often an estimate)


  • Additional keywords



How to search ‘TU/e in the Picture’


Enter a term of several terms in the search bar, click the ‘search’ button and the system will display a list of results. In Dutch, but a growing part of the image bank can also be searched using English-language terms.


For further information see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about this image bank. Or contact the Library helpdesk or Erik Geelen, academic heritage specialist at LIS.


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